Senior Front End Developer

Sports Endeavors is looking for an Senior Front End Web Developer to join our development team to support six customer-facing eCommerce websites all built on the IBM Websphere Commerce and DX platforms. Our flagship site, Soccer.com has been architected to have IBM DX, a premiere content management platform sit out in front of our eCommerce platform and consume web services in order to present a highly experiential and customizable user interface. This front-end platform currently leverages Angular.js and Foundation, but we are in the process of migrating to Vue.js for performance purposes. This is a responsive website with leading-edge personalization capabilities that gives our business users a lot of flexibility and has been designed in a mobile-first approach.
The development team currently consists of four Websphere Commerce developers that support all of the web service endpoints and configurations as well as two front-end developers that support our IBM DX platform. The team is augmented heavily with outside contractors who provide support for the application. Our DX Architect will mentor the front-end team on all IBM DX/WCM capabilities and platform functions, so the expectation is that this Senior Front End Web Developer position would provide expert-level knowledge of all front end technologies listed below. We also have a fully-staffed QA team and we operate in a an Agile Scrum environment with the goal of moving as close as possible to a fully continuous delivery model using pure Agile at the heart of everything we do.
Sports Endeavors is an exciting place to work with many opportunities to learn some of the most advanced web technologies in the world. We are open to new thoughts and practices and are constantly looking for ways to improve!
This Position Requires the Following at a Minimum
Expert level Javascript and DOM fundamentals experience
ES6 essentials
Functions and Pure Functions
Functional programming basics
Partial Application and Curry
Built-in Methods (Arrays, objects, strings, etc...)
Ajax & server API calls
Generators and async/await
Expert level with Javascript frameworks such as
At least 3 years implementing or supporting RWD-based sites
Ideally using Foundation 6
Alternatively using Bootstrap, Pure, Skeleton, Montage, Siimple, Gumby, etc...
Expert level CSS
Ideally up to date on CSS3
Expert level HTML
Ideally up to date on HTML5
UI Performance Optimization
PageSpeed Insights
Chrome dev tools
Tooling Experience
Chrome dev tools - especially DOM inspect and JS debugger
Editors/IDE's = Atom, VSCode, Webstorm+vim
Big Pluses
eCommerce experience
IBM DX/WCM platform experience (HUGE bonus points, but not required as we will train you in this platform)
IBM WebSphere Commerce experience (HUGE bonus)
Experience leveraging eCommerce webservice calls on a front end platform
Professional certifications
Usability training
Design background
Experience with Build Tools

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